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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Check in Time.

It’s me again. I moved over Memorial Day weekend and I have no Internet connection. I also have no cable. I am happy about the no cable thing but will have to find some way of rectifying the off-line situation. My computer is deader than disco and I can only go online when I visit my parents. I am also quite traumatized by the loss of Ronaldus Magnus. I will be wearing black for as long as I can stand to look so “New York Provincial.” I have no coffee table and I am disturbed by the lack thereof. I gave two grocery sacks and two banana boxes full of books to Hannah Home charities and I still need at least 2 more tall bookcases to house the “keepers.” I finally admitted to myself that I will not be reading any Arthurian Legends, the Collected Works of Damon Runyon, or the complete works of Lessing auf Deutsch in Fraktur. I am very likely to read the traffic cone orange Assyriology books, the vintage 50’s mystery novels, the economic theories of Adam Smith and Alexander Hamilton, and the collected works of Shakespeare auf Deutsch in Fraktur. My poetry shelf is breaking. I finally unpacked my stereo and can assure you that a house is not a home without the following: Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Boston Tea Party, Sinatra with the Red Norvo Quartet Live in Australia 1954, Smetana’s Ma Vlast, Gin Blossom’s New Miserable Experience, and The Ramones Ramones Mania. The Mavericks’ Trampoline is handy and so is all the Cake you can stand, but the CDs mentioned above are required. Cardboard makes your whole place smell funny. Beer tastes good.

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